Feel Like A Royal In This Hotel Suite Dedicated To Grace Kelly

She lived a real-life fairytale when she was swept off her feet by the Prince of Monaco, going from a Hollywood treasure to being a part of Monaco’s royal family. While we have all watched Grace Kelly in awe, now we are all being given a chance to feel like a Princess while taking a trip to Geneva.


The award-winning actress would stay at the Hotel de la Paix in Geneva, Switzerland, during the 1960’s, and the hotel has never forgotten this honor. More than 50 years later, they are now honoring the iconic lady with a special suite dedicated to their most famous and historical guest.

Now called the Ritz Carlton de la Paix, the Grace Kelly suite in the hotel is decorated as a tribute to her faultless style. The 1,131-square-foot suite includes a living room, a kitchenette, a dining room, and a master bedroom.


Each room is decorated to fit the style of Grace Kelly and finished off with gold details and accented with plenty of natural light. It is also made up of high ceilings and includes a walk-in-wardrobe, just as any Princess would be sure to fill.

With a fireplace and incredible views of Lake Geneva, the Alps, and the Brunswick Garden, you do not even need to face the wintery temperatures outside, but can enjoy the views from the comfort of your hotel room.


The hotel is also known for hosting other celebrities over the years such as Orson Welles and author, Victor Hugo. Visiting the Ritz Carlton de la Paiz is certainly a luxury for any visitor, and you are sure to be given the red carpet treatment upon arrival. Staying in the Grace Kelly suite will be the icing on the already exquisite cake, and will be a hotel stay to remember.