This Clear Blue River In The Philippines Is Enchanted

While many cities are built up and focus on designing modern architecture and innovative creations, there is nothing like the natural beauty in the world. With global warming and climate change threatening so many of the wonders of the world, there is no time like the present to appreciate them in all their beauty before they are spoiled.

One of the most mesmerizing sights lies in Mindanao in the Philippines and promises admirers more than just a view.

enchanted river-2

The Hinatuan Enchanted River is a deep spring river on the Island of Mindanao which flows into the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The river is around 80-feet deep and just about long enough to receive the confirmation of being a river.

One of the most confusing features about this river is that it is a total body of salt water with many local legends trying to explain the source and background of this small piece of natural beauty.

However, the truth behind it is that the Enchanted River boasts its own underwater cave system which spits out the water, free of any dirt or silt which would usually cloud the water source.

There have been numerous explorations down into the underground cave with the most recent one being in March 2015, with the intention of discovering the untouched area beyond 82 meters deep.

enchanted river- 1

As for the rich blue colors, it’s mystery has inspired many to tell stories of fairies adding the colors of sapphires and jade to the river to create it’s unique shade. Moreover, local fishermen have also noted how their attempts to catch fish in the river have totally failed, adding to the belief that it is a magical pool of water.

All of these reports led to diplomat Modesto Farolan naming the river ‘Enchanted’ through his poem entitled “Rio Encantado”.

enchanted river-3

Nevertheless, it is an absolutely perfect place to visit in the Philippines, take a dip in the enchanted waters and see what happens when you get out!