Can You Safely Visit Chernobyl?

Of all the places in the world that you can visit, Chernobyl is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing. However, is the location of the world’s worst nuclear disaster really a safe place to go?

Forced From Their Homes

1986 is a year that the people of Pripyat will never forget. They never expected that on an uneventful day in April, they’d end up being evacuated from their homes due to a nuclear accident. They had to abandon their livelihoods in search of safety, and few have been able to return home since. While there might not be many people living in the area anymore, though, that doesn’t mean tourists haven’t visited there.

Can You Safely Visit Chernobyl?

It’s Safe Again

It took several decades, but in 2011, authorities finally deemed Chernobyl safe enough to visit. That essentially meant radiation levels in the area weren’t going to impact the health of anyone in the area. However, while Chernobyl might now be open to the public, that doesn’t mean it’s not without its dangers. Anyone hoping to visit the area should expect to do so with a specialist tour guide because of these issues.

Can You Safely Visit Chernobyl?

Safety In Numbers

According to the CEO of Responsible Travel, it’s the structural integrity of the area that’s the biggest concern now. Those buildings have been abandoned for decades, and a wrong move could easily bring them crashing down. That’s why tours are designed for interested parties to explore the disaster zone in small groups. There’s safety in numbers – especially when you’re led by someone who knows what they’re doing.

If you’re interested in seeing Chernobyl, nothing is stopping you from taking a trip there. Of course, you should exercise caution when you’re there, but in terms of radiation levels, you have nothing to worry about. Apparently, the amount you’re exposed to is no more than you’d experience on a long haul flight.