Cafe Yeonnam-dong In Seoul Looks Just Like A Cartoon!

It may look like an optical illusion, but this is a small and cozy cafe that looks like it came straight out of a cartoon. Cafe Yeonnam-dong opened in Seoul last year and is the perfect Instagram spot. Having taken inspiration from the Korean TV show and webtoon, W- Two Worlds, this South Korean spot is like nothing you’ve seen before.


The cafe has proven popular with young people who come to capture the cartoon themed cafe, but the cafe is certainly unique for anyone stepping through the front door. Speaking of her creation, owner Eunjin Lee explained, “We created the cafe because there was nothing like it in Korea, or even the world. We tried to make a very unique concept. That is why we chose this style.”

Everything from the decor to the crockery has a striped black-and-white aesthetic to give it that cartoon feel, and even the furniture has been given the same look. At first glance, many would mistake this cafe for a cartoon animation.


However, the food is similar to other cafes, and the aesthetic is what makes it stand out from the rest. You can go and enjoy a coffee and croissant, but the cartoon element of the cafe remains; the mugs look as though they have been drawn, as well as the plates and holders. Even the outdoors of the cafe keep the theme running through, which certainly can confuse, yet amaze, visitors.


Therefore, if you’ve ever dreamed of stepping into a real-life animation, the Cafe Yeonnam-dong is a good place to start. The 2-D feel gives it a change from all the rest. After all, it certainly differs from your average Starbucks and is a great spot to visit if you are ever in Seoul, South Korea, and fancy grabbing a coffee – or even just sitting down and admiring the place.