Why Sicily Has All of the Adventure Any Traveler Needs

Sicily is an island with a ton of history, located right off the coast of southern Italy. Having been centrally located throughout a few of history’s greatest empires, it has some of the world’s best and most-preserved Byzantine mosaics, Greek temples, Roman amphitheaters, cathedrals, and more. Mt. Etna, an active stratovolcano, is also located in Sicily. This island has unique cuisine, which often uses Arab and Greek Spices along with French and Spanish techniques. Here, you can find some of the world’s most exquisite seafood, which can be accompanied by local wines.

 Ragusa and Cefalù, Sicily
Why Sicily Has All of the Adventure Any Traveler Needs

Sicily is a Prime Location

This island is directly between Europe and Africa. Through the ages, invaders were not only attracted to Sicily because of it’s appealing and strategic location, but they also recognized how much of a paradise the island is. Sicily has pleasant and blue skies, a temperate climate that helps with the lush vegetation along with marine life.

In recent years, Sicily has become more of a hot spot amongst international travelers, and it consistently draws an increasing number of visitors. Despite being visited often by tourists, the Sicilians are still tied to their land and tradition through their heartland, olive groves, vineyards, and beautifully kept dirt roads, which lead to family farmhouses.

Things to Do in Sicily

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, and it is a city you don’t want to miss visiting. In Palermo, you can find the Palermo Cathedral, the Norman Palace, the Massimo Theatre, along with the Ballaro Market. One of the most visited places in Sicily is the Monreale Cathedral, which is not far from the city of Palermo.

Palermo, Sicily - lot's of things to do
Why Sicily Has All of the Adventure Any Traveler Needs

Cefalù is a small fishing town that is full of colorful boats that are sailing the teal-colored waters or docked at the pier. You can find stunning panoramic views, narrow streets, and the Cefalù Norman cathedral.

The things to do in Sicily are endless, and it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.