Sip Rosé Like A Celebrity On This Off-The-Radar Island

If you have dreams of living like the rich and famous, then you might want to book your next vacation on this private island. Kamalame Cay is located off of the Bahamas Andros Barrier Reef, which is the second largest in the world.

The tiny island is home to a resort with a series of bungalows strewn about the tropical paradise. Owned by the Hew family, the accommodations uphold standards of luxury that even celebrities can’t get enough of. On its 96 acres of land, you can either seclude yourself in a private cabin, or stay in the main house, rubbing shoulders with well to do patrons from around the world.

Hew family originally hails from Jamaica, who impart their sense of family fun on the vibe of the luxury resort. Given that this is the Bahamas least populated strip of land, it’s a perfect place to hide away if you’re a celebrity with the paparazzi on your tail.

The Hews, however, also offer a homey environment that even includes freshly baked cookies dropped off at your door every single day. There’s plenty to do whether you love nature and are looking to explore the island or you’d prefer to laze around soaking in the sun’s rays. The resort’s spa is suspended over the water, giving the picturesque facilities an even more extravagant feeling.

The resort has several types of accommodations on offer, from small rooms that can just barely fit two people to breezy villas that are fit for a king. Many of the rooms are accented with handmade decor that was sourced from local tree trunks or coral.

Booking accommodations comes along with food and drink, which generally takes its inspiration from Southeast Asia. Local delicacies abound on their menus, from freshly caught seafood to tropical fruit grown on the island itself.