These 3 Travel Destinations Are a Total Hidden Gem to Visit in 2021

With vaccines on the way and things beginning to look a lot like a world before the pandemic, it’s time to think about your travel list again. It may be too early to plan your next trip, but it doesn’t hurt to start looking for lesser-known or overlooked destinations that won’t be as packed with tourists and can still offer amazing (if not better) experiences. If you’re looking for the perfect hidden gem for your grand 2021 travel itinerary, check out these three options!

1. Greenland, a Unique Experience Many Will Miss

Greenland The reality of Greenland as a travel destination is that there is a reason it’s still considered a hidden gem. Getting there is expensive, and it can take several flights to reach it. However, airport expansion plans are underway with direct flights scheduled to connect Greenland with North America, as well as Copenhagen and other cities. When it comes to unique experiences, Greenland won’t disappoint. You can hike an ice sheet, explore Viking history, go kayaking, and take in all the beauty off the coast of Ilulissat.

2. Gabon, a Truly Hidden Gem in Western Africa

Gabon If you want to see the true meaning of wildlife, as well as the last remaining wild coastlines of Africa, then a trip to Gabon is a must for you. While you’re there, you might also want to visit the small island nation of Sao Tome & Principe, easily accessible from Gabon’s capital Libreville.

3. Swedish Lapland, a Less Crowded Alternative to Norway

Swedish Lapland Although Norway tends to steal the spotlight with its breathtaking fjords and dramatic landscapes, many people overlook what lies just next door – the Swedish Lapland. Hidden gem adventurers won’t be disappointed by the compelling views of gentle mountains, pine forests, and powerful rivers and lakes that Sweden has to offer. Not to mention, you can also see the Northern lights from there in the company of virtually no one. The Swedish Lapland isn’t as packed with tourists as Norway, and you can have a truly magnificent experience there.