The Ultimate Guide to Seeing Taiwan on a Budget

Millions of tourists visit Asia each year, with Taiwan being one of the most underrated. Our ultimate guide will make sure you fully immerse yourself into Taiwanese culture, see the sights, and travel comfortably, all while on a budget.

The Ultimate Guide to Seeing Taiwan on a Budget

You Won’t Go Hungry

Taiwan has a lot to offer visitors, but it remains one of the most under-visited countries in Asia. One of the best things about Taiwan is its world-class food choices. What’s even better is that the best way to save money is by eating at local food markets, which is where you will get the best feel for the culture anyway.

Even eating out at a fancy restaurant won’t cost you more than around $40, but to really stretch your budget, you should enjoy what the locals serve on the streets. Food won’t cost too much, with noodles costing around $1.35 per portion, and lunch boxes around $3.35.

The Ultimate Guide to Seeing Taiwan on a Budget

Getting Around

Taking the bus is another way to save money while also seeing plenty of Taiwan’s rich countryside. Buses are available between major cities, so you can hop from one place to another for around $10. There are plenty of free attractions to be enjoyed, with temples, shrines, and parks all waiting to be explored.

One of the best ways to get to know the Taiwanese landscape is to go hiking along the country’s trails and in the national parks. Hostels are naturally cheaper than hotels with dorms costing between $8-20 per night. The food in Taiwan is cheap, and there are plenty of free activities to make this destination as much value for money as other Asian hotspots.

Taiwan comes with the added bonus of being relatively crowd-free and quiet, so you can really enjoy it at your own pace. Taiwan is an amazing place, and you won’t have to break the bank to have a great time there.