Undiscovered Locations: Where To Go And Where To Say “No”

Please, do not be fooled. Every exotic location has its places to go. But there are some places that you simply have to turn around and say “no.”

We’ve got you covered, after highlighting some typical holiday locations, but separating the good from the bad.

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Naxos and Milos? Go. Santorini? NO!

We’re not going to deny it; Santorini is beautiful. There is a case for an exotic location becoming over visited and the charm of the place becoming saturated by excess levels of tourism.

Naxos and Milos however, provide a similar, if not better, Greek isle experience. Naxos has untouched Greek history in villages like Chalki.

While Milos is laden with perfect sandy beaches as well as the pirate caves of Kleftiko.

It’s a no-brainer.

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St. Maarten? NO! Anguilla? Go.

The Caribbean is rife with the beautiful islands that provide the perfect blend of tropical tranquility and bustling carnival life.

However, many islands have been done to death, and the number of untouched treasures is becoming smaller and smaller with every summer. While St. Maarten is a perfect example of the former, Anguilla is certainly one of the latter.

St. Maarten is perfect for glamor and nightlife – material things. Anguilla, on the other hand, is a beach-y haven where you can kick back, listen to reggae, and have a chilled out time with the locals.

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Santa Juana? Go. Manuel Antonio? NO!

Costa Rica is unique due to its huge concentration of rainforests and incredible wildlife.

But when the summers come, tourism is off the charts and the charm of this beautiful country, particularly Manuel Antonio National Park, can feel somewhat watered down.

However, if you end up in Santa Juana, you will have space to breathe and experience exactly the same sort of natural luxuries without having to wait in such long lines.