These Are The World’s Best Neighborhoods You Just Have To Visit

If you’ve had enough of sentimental Paris and the weighty leaning Tower of Pisa doesn’t cut it for you anymore, you’ve come to the right place. Below are our hottest, hand-picked neighborhoods that managed to maintain their exceptional edge and offer visitors a vacation much different than those too picture-perfect tourists-ridden spots. With hip cafes, ethnic street markets and divergent artworks, this list will inspire you to finally book that long desired break you so desperately deserve.

Seongsu-dong, Seoul

Balancing its ancestral culture with a hint of modernly tampered Westernization, this hidden gem has just about anything a tourist could wish for. With an abundant amount of abandoned factories and warehouses that are now utilized as cafes and galleries, it’s easy to understand why the once industrial zone is newly known as the best place for socializing.


Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Maintaining its edge proved to be a challenge for the small Dane neighborhood, despite its colorful history. However, the cultural aspect of the region has been emphasized by the local government, thus resulting in embracing the city’s street art, independent businesses and local markets. Vesterbro is packed with diverse dining spots, including the notable Kødbyen Meatpacking District that is constantly crammed with gastronomes looking to challenge their taste buds.


Sunset Park, New York City

Although it’s hard to nudge visitors of the city that never sleeps toward more low key locations, those brave enough to head towards the outskirts of town and face the festivity that is Industry City have a stirring surprise coming their way. With artworks unparalleled to those hanging in MOMA, bubble tea shops guaranteed to satisfy your adventurous soul and the timeless Melody Lanes bowling alley at hand, summer evenings have never been more inimitable.


Tooting, South London

Best-known for being the setting for the ’70’s BBC sitcom Citizen Smith, Tooting real estate worth is on the rise, having semi-detached houses cost more than $1.2 million. The town has not lost its charm despite being on the uprise with tourists, considering the area is famous for having the country’s largest swimming pool and being home to its mass Indian cuisine. Most Londoners still joke about needing a passport to cross the river and visit vibrant Tooting.


Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro

Exotic getaways come by the handful these days, with lowcost flights assuring this destination is the one not to miss out on. But Rio doesn’t need sweet talking – its dynamic ambiance and jaunty masses speak for themselves. Those who wish to step out of their comfort zone and discover the city for what it is can head to Botafogo and try out gastro bars like CoLAB after having an early dinner at a local Trinidadian restaurant. The buzzing nightlife will coerce even the idlest spirits to explore, and bar hopping between the eccentric Comuna and Bukowski is an absolute must.