4 Creative Uses For All The Pictures Eating Your Phone Space

The world today has a love/hate relationship with phone cameras. It’s hard to even remember a time before people everywhere took pictures of everything. It’s just too easy not to, and it is nothing short of incredible – albeit time-sucking – to pick up your phone and see instant replays of some of your favorite and most beautiful memories.

But the efficiency of phone cameras, with their quality improving by the day, comes with some setbacks…like that unfriendly reminder that your phone is always running out of storage. Or simply having way too many of them.

They’re easy to take, but hard to delete.

And let’s be honest: most phone pictures are rendered useless. The real, slightly unnerving truth here is that most pictures taken spend the rest of their days forgotten entirely, quietly taking up space.

But there ARE some very cool ways you can actually do something with them. Here are a few of the best:

5 Creative Uses For All The Pictures Eating Your Phone Space

1. Print an actual photobook you can flip through.

As much as we all love going back through our own photos, it’s a bit awkward forcing someone else to sit down and look through our phone with us. But watch that change when there’s an actual book to pick up!

2. Make a cute clothespin display.

If you have blank space on the wall, you have no excuse. Grab the clothespins and some string (or twinkle lights for an extra mood), and turn your memories into the easiest art ever! Frames are also a nice touch.

3. Pin your travel pics onto a cork world map.

Been there, snapped that picture? Share the memory with your friends on a flat globe that shows off just how far your feet have traveled. For the pictures, of course.

5 Creative Uses For All The Pictures Eating Your Phone Space

4. Turn your pictures into case protectors.

Whether for your iPhone, laptop, passport, tablet or more, you can customize one or even multiple collaged pictures into a super cute, personalized case for many of your materials – and carry your memories around with you everywhere.

Deleting old pictures has never been so fun!